Wednesday, 5 November 2008

At the end of October we had a free weekend - our rugby match had been cancelled - so we thought we would spend it in Scarborough. My favourite place of all time in Scarborough is The Harbour Bar - no it is not a pub as most people think, it is an Ice Cream Parlour. They serve such delicious ice creams like a Chocolata - which is in a Knickerbocker Glory glass and has lots of ice cream, chocolate sauce and nuts - and Bananarama, which is similar but with bananas. Yummy!! They also serve the best coffee in Scarborough.

As we arrived and drove round the bay people were putting their gloves on and had their hoods up and it looked really cold. It was quite windy but we enjoyed walking round the bay from the North to the South.

We stayed overnight and then went on to Whitby the next day and we actually got a bit of a sun tan - in October! I was surprised at how busy Whitby was.

Here are some photos of me and my husband David.

It was really nice to actually have a weekend to ourselves as our lives are always very busy with work and rugby etc.

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