Monday, 29 June 2009

Stamp with Fun Challenge

Hi everyone.
Hasn't it been hot today? At least I got my bedding dry but I kept having to have a shower to cool down.

I heard from our Richard in Magaluf yesterday and he said that one of the lads had been mugged by some Spaniards. He got punched in the face a few times and they took his money and bank card. Poor lad.

Tomorrow I am looking after a dog for the day and over night. I will put a photo of her on the blog when I get to take one. The thing is that the owner is wanting someone to look after her for a month whilst he and his children go on holiday. His wife died of cancer earlier this year so I feel a bit obliged to look after the dog. To be quite honest I did quite fancy it until he brought her up on Saturday and she left a load of dog hairs behind and he told us one or two things about her - like she likes to get up about 6.30am and doesn't bark to go out. I think I have got out of having dogs and a month seems an awfully long time. If it was for a week it wouldn't be so bad.
Anyway we will see how she goes on tomorrow.

The Stamp with Fun challenge is to make a card using turquoise and brown and I already this card from a previous challenge, so I though I would use it. It is one that I really liked.

Here it is.

have to go now and see how Andy Murray is doing.
take care.
luv eileen

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Truly Scrumptious & Papertake Challenge

First of all - isn't it really sad news about Michael Jackson? We were watching a program about him and he was really good looking before he started with all the plastic surgery. I think it is very sad that he wanted to change himself when everyone liked him for who he was and how he looked. Like Elvis, it is so sad that such a talented person has died before he should have done really.

Sorry I have not done any blogging since Tuesday but I seem to have been really busy - but not got much done.
We haven't done any golfing this week, which is disappointing, but I have done a bit of walking.

I have just waved my son, Richard, off on his holidays - he has gone to Magaluf with a load of rugby lads - thank goodness I am not on the same plane as them. I am sure it will be an eventful flight for anyone who is!! They are going dressed as Santa's!!! He is nearly 26 but you never stop worrying about them do you? Especially as they will be spending most of their time boozing.

I have been making a Christening Card for my niece's little boy, Austin, who is getting Christened tomorrow, but it has been quite hard work and I am still looking for ideas to trim it up a bit. If it was for a girl you can put lots of flowers on can't you but it is different with a boy.

I have managed to make this card which I thought would do for the Truly Scrumptious Challenge and the Papertake Challenge at the same time.

The paper is a digital download and the stamp is from Funky Kits. The orange looking part of the flower was coloured to match the hat and blouse but it looks more orange on the photo than it really is.
Hope you like it and have a lovely weekend everyone.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Sketch & Stash Challenge

Magnolia Challenge and Sketch & Stash Challenge
Hi Everyone, what a funny day it has been today.
First of all it looked as if it could pour down but whilst I was over at Slaithwaite it was beautiful blue skies and sunshine and really hot. When I got home it was cloudy but hot and close. My husband said it had been 25 degrees. Anyway I managed to get my washing dry so that was good and I did a bit of gardening as well.

Back to the challenges now.
This card is for the Magnolia Challenge - which was to make something summery - but I have done the card to the sketch for the Sketch & Stash Challenge so it will do for them both.

I have used the new designer paper that I bought from the Hobby House stall at The Dome.

Hope you like the card and thank you for looking.

luv eileen x

Monday, 22 June 2009

Friday Sketchers Challenge

First of all I have to tell you that I had a really good day out at The Dome at Doncaster yesterday. Well when I say "day" we arrived about 12 noon and me and my daughter, Claire, had a good look around the Craft Show whilst her husband, Steve, and Florence and my husband, David and his daughter, Lauren, went in the swimming baths. Apparently Florence was up and down the slides and really enjoyed herself.

One word of advice to anyone who is thinking of buying one of those tins of Prima Christmas flowers - don't bother. I paid £7.99 for mine and thought the tin would be full of flowers like they are when you buy the hydrangea tins. I was really disappointed when I opened it because it had some packaging in which took up half the tin so there was only half a tin's worth of flowers in it. I wouldn't mind but I could have paid £4.99 for one of the bubbles and I bet there would have been as many flowers in that.

After the Dome we went to the Lakeside and had a quick look in some of the shops before it was time to set off home.
We virtually went straight to pick up David's other two children and his grandson and we went out for a meal for Father's Day.
I was really glad to get home and have a coffee and a rest.
Here is a photo of Florence but I had a job to get it. Most of my photos of her are of the back, top or side of her head. She just will not look at me when I am taking photos.

Below is my card for the Friday Sketchers Challenge - hope you like it.


Saturday, 20 June 2009

Sketch and Stash Challenge

First of all I would like to thank Julie for doing the Stampin Up party on Thursday.
I am sure she will agree that we had a good laugh - but I am not one to point the finger at anyone, so I won't. My lips are sealed!!!! But I can't wait to see Chris to see what he thought of the box we made!!

I have just been for a game of golf this afternoon. I started learning about 4 years ago but haven't had any lessons or anything and I hate trying to do that really silly pose that you are supposed to do, so I don't bother. I "played" for about two summers (don't do winters) before I was ill (2007) and haven't played since until Spring Bank this year.
We have had quite a few games since then and I just can't believe how much I have improved. I started out scoring 50 (on a 9 holer, can you believe) and when we went during the week I did much better and managed to score 58!!! Today I didn't do so good and I got 54.

Only joking!!! I know that you are supposed to get less really!

Anyway here is my card for Monday's Sketch and Stash Challenge.

Hope you like it - back soon with my next card.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

A Spoon Full of Sugar Challenge

It's Good News Week!!
Well it was good news yesterday when I went for my 6 month check up. My bloods were ok and when the doctor examined me she said that everything seemed to be fine - so that was a relief!

It seemed strange going back there. There was a friend of my sister-in-law's waiting to see the consultant and she looked terrified - probably like I did 2 years ago. There were women of various ages and one woman with a hat but you could still see her bald head - and that really brought things back to me. I thought "I really don't want to go through all that again." It is very strange but when I was going through it everything just seemed to be a way of life - going for bloods doing, going to see the consultant and then having the chemo, being really tired, etc. etc. Anyway enough of that - I want to look to the future now.

I have at last got round to making a card - it is for the Spoon full of Sugar Challenge - and here it is.

Have to dash now - I am going to a Stampin Up party with Julie.
Thanks a lot for looking.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Paul's Birthday

Well I can't believe that it is a week since I last blogged. I just don't know where the time has gone.
I am feeling a bit less tired than I was last week but it has been a right effort to get round to card making.

Today is my son's birthday (he is 38!!) and it has been a lovely day. He came up from Newark yesterday and stayed over - his wife, Col, had gone to Barcelona for the weekend - so he was here today for his birthday. This morning we went for a walk to the garden centre and then back home up this lane where I used to walk our dog, Bess. We cut through a field where I used to walk her and there were two gorgeous little foals there - they were adorable.

Paul took his Granddad out for fish and chips and a pint and then set off back home about 2pm.
This is the card that I made him. I wanted to do a bit more of a scene than this but it didn't work out. I put the cat on because he has three cats so I thought he would like that. It is similar to a card that I made for a Challenge a few weeks ago. Hope you like it.
I hope to get down to making a few more cards this week although tomorrow I am having my hair done, Wednesday is the hospital so I will be keeping my fingers crossed that everything is OK there, Thursday evening I am going to a Stampin Up party with Julie and then it will be Friday and almost weekend again.
take care everyone and I hope to have a few more visitors to my blog because I think they all seem to have fallen off a bit.

Monday, 8 June 2009

A Spoon Full of Sugar Challenge

Hello again to anyone passing through, I hope you have had a good weekend.

I walked down to the rugby sevens on Saturday and was glad that I did because our team got through to the final, which was brilliant. Unfortunately we lost the final but at least we reached it, so that was really good.
I started this card last Wednesday but with not being so well I didn't finish it until about 10 minutes ago so I hope I am in time for the challenge. I haven't actually put as many embellishments on as it shows on the sketch but sometimes I think you can have too many.
Anyway here is my card below.

When I was at the craft class on Thursday, Maddy showed me how to colour an image like this, so thanks Maddy. This is not the one that she coloured ( I hasten to add!!)
Hope you like it and I hope to get back to making more cards this week - especially as it will be my son's birthday next Monday and my nephew's birthday on the Wednesday.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy. That is what this last week has been like.
To start with last Saturday I went to a class run by Bev - it was at the Hobby House which is about an hour and a half away.

Then on Tuesday I went to see my gorgeous Grand-daughter, Miss Florence, at Retford. The traffic was awful and it is so infuriating when there are two lanes full of wagons and one wagon is trying to overtake the one in the inside lane who is only doing 1mph less than the one overtaking!! They are so annoying.
Anyway I had a lovely day and took these two photos of Florence eating her strawberries and cream which she said were "Nice"

Thursday I spent the morning at Rachels house with Maddy and Calvin and I also saw Calvin Mouse but not Rotty. I visited various craft places and on the way back I was almost wiped out by a wagon who decided he was just going to pull out in front of me and there was nowhere else for me to move to. I didn't get back till 3.30pm and had not eaten all day. I began feeling dizzy and very, very tired but I had an early night last night and I am feeling a bit better today.
Yesterday me and our Kath had an unexpected day out - at the Casualty department. I had been washing a mug up which must have had a crack in it and it just broke with my hand in it. It cut my little finger quite badly and had to ring our Kath to come and put some steri strips on for me. We decided to go to the chemist to see if he thought it needed stitches and he said to go on to the hospital. We got there about 11am and left about 2pm!!! They actually x-rayed it to see if there was any fragments in it and then 4 doctors took a quick look before a nurse applied steri strips to it and strapped it to the next finger. One good thing is that I haven't to get it wet so no washing up for me!! Unfortunately it is rather awkward for making cards so I have not got any made.
I am going for a walk now to meet up with my husband who is watching the local rugby sevens - we have a team entered in it so I will be back later.

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