Saturday, 31 January 2009

Hi everyone, I am so frozen - I have just been to watch hubbie playing rugby.
The rugby team we formed 4 years ago folded just before Christmas so he had a break from it and then signed for another local team a few weeks ago. I was hoping he wouldn't be picked so that I could stay at home and do my cards!

Anyway, below is the sketch for the Mojo Monday Challenge and below that is my entry. I really love the paper, which is from Stampin Up and the stamp which is a Leanne Ellis, Sugar Nellie Stamp from Funky Kits.

The flowers are from Poppicrafts.
eileen x

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Friday Sketchers Blog

I thought I would have a go at doing the Friday Sketchers Challenge this week and below is the sketch.

and here is my card

the picture is not very good because I had to take the photo tonight whereas I usually take my photos during the daytime when the light is better.
I really quite enjoyed doing this one. I used Pink Petticoat papers, magnolia stamp and prima flowers.
eileen x

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

*Week 11* Double Trouble at the Magnolia Vs Stampavie Challenge

Here is my card for Week 11 of the Magnolia Vs Stampavie challenge which was to use at least two stamps on your card, so I have used the Breast Cancer Stamp and the log. The papers are from Making Memories and I have used a variety of things on the colouring.

Hope you like it - luv, eileen
Hi to anyone taking a look at my blog - and welcome.
On Saturday we had a really good party at my niece's house with some very good attempts made on the Singstar - even me and Kath had a go and I have to say Kath did better than I did, which is not really surprising.
I like to sing along casually to songs that I am listening to, so one year my husband gave me a big surprise for my Christmas Present - singing lessons!!! I don't know who got the biggest surprise, me or the teacher. She was under the impression that I could sing and I told her I definitely could not, or as my mother used to say "I could sing before tunes came out". The teacher's words were that she was sure there was something she could do with me but she really did not know what!! I felt like a child at school - I never liked music lessons at school either. I have not been so embarassed for a long time. On leaving her house I immediately rang my husband and said that if he ever, ever bought me a present like that again there would definitely be a divorce. He then had to ring her up and say that I would not be going again, which she seemed rather surprised about. Well who needs to pay to go to someone's house and be insulted? Mind you he had paid up front and there was no offer of getting any money back.

The annoying thing is that my husband is rather good on the Singstar and gets marks of about 8000 whereas I get remarks like "bad" and "awful". However, this Saturday he had drunk quite a few cans of beer and did get rather carried away. My grand nephew, Ethan, who is 4 had been allowed to stay up till 10.00pm and he sent the message downstairs "Can you ask Uncle David to calm down, I can't get to sleep"
Anyway below is a photo of my children and my sister's children taken at the party on Saturday.
From left to right are my son Richard, my daughter Claire, Kath's daughter Jude (who had come over from Australia), Kath's daughter Lynda and my son Paul - who is the eldest of the tribe.
and on the one below are Claire's husband, Steve (with Florence), Claire, Richard, Paul's wife Colleen (who is Steve's sister), Paul and Jude.
and a good time was had by all!
eileen x

Friday, 23 January 2009

First of all I would like to say a big HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY to my sister Kath.

A few of the family have just been out tonight for a lovely meal to celebrate Kath's birthday and especially the fact that she has reached the big 60 - my mum died at the age of 58.

Tomorrow we are having a family party at my niece's house so that will be lovely to have all the family together - I am really looking forward to seeing my grand-daughter, Florence as I haven't seen her since the new year.

Here is the card I made for Kath
Thank you for looking.
eileen x

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Yesterday I went to a workshop at Craftwork Cards run by the very talented Kirsty Wiseman
Below is one of the cards that we made. We also made a little gift bag, a three fold picture wallet and another card as well as the one below.

I just love the new silver and black papers from Craftwork Cards - they also do the same range in pink and brown.
When I got home I made the card below - and I was very surprised at just how quickly this one came together.

I haven't put a sentiment on it yet because I thought I might give it to my husband for Valentine's Day.
I was very pleased with it so I hope that you like it.
Thanks for looking.

I am just about in time with the next to Challenge cards.

The first one is for Mojo Monday 69 Challenge
Below is the sketch

and here is my card

The other one is the Papertake Challenge and here is Dawny's sketch
and this is my card
Will have to dash now and see to the tea. This week I went to M & S and did the Dine in for £10 thingy and I got a full chicken, some diced potatoes, a lovely apple pie and a bottle of wine all for £10 - I saved £7 something so I was pretty pleased with myself - gives me more money to spend on crafting!!
A Spoon Full of Sugar Challenge this week was Paper Piecing.

Below is a card that I have previously shown on my blog but it does include paper piecing so I thought I would enter it for the challenge

I think this magnolia girl is really cute - hope you like it too.
eileen x

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Ooh! Can't be bad, this is the third time I have posted on my blog in less than a week - I am doing well.
Below is my card for the Penny Black Saturday Challenge - it is the first time I have entered it.
The card had to be in Pink and Brown, and as I had only just bought this designer paper I thought it would be a good opportunity to use it.

Hope you like the card.
eileen x

A Spoon Full of Sugar

I don't know if I am too late for this challenge but here is my card
and here is the sketch
will try and get more up to date with the challenges.
eileen x

Monday, 12 January 2009

Hi to anyone who actually reads my blog - I wish there were a few more of you but never mind!! It's quality not quantity.

Below is my contribution to the Mojo Monday Challenge No 68 - unfortunately I did not get it on my blog in time to enter the competion.

I was actually quite pleased with it but my husband didn't really like it because he said it was too plain.

Below is the sketch.

On Saturday all but one of the local rugby matches were cancelled because of the hard frost that we had Friday night, so my husband took me over to Creative Pastimes at Ellesmere Port for some more of the Pro Markers - surely I must have nearly a full set by now!!!
I had hoped that I might get to meet up with Miss Pink Piggy Wiggy but unfortunately she was otherwise engaged - we might manage it one day.

We then went up to Frodsham to Crab Apple Crafts, but didn't really buy anything there. I was really wanting to visit the Yankee Candle shop there to buy a couple of new burners (which I did). I don't know if any of you know but the person who owns that shop is none other than Bob Carolgees (but don't ask where Spit the Dog is!! He used to have a notice on the door about Spit but I don't know if it is still there or not. He probably got sick of people like me going in and saying "Ooh it's Bob Carolgees, what's happened to Spit the Dog?")

This morning my husband came home from the dentist looking very sorry for himself - he had been with toothache and came back minus a tooth. So I told him the same as he told me a couple of years ago when I lost a tooth (two actually) - it's only a tooth! Or, why don't you have them all out then you won't have any more trouble with them? I didn't get any sympathy at all, he could not understand why I was so upset about losing some teeth. The worst of it was that I have gone to the dentist every 6 months for the whole of my life so it wasn't my fault there was anything wrong with my teeth, it was the neglect of the previous dentist - so I sued him!

I have hardly made any cards since Christmas, I just don't seem to have any inspiration at all. However, below is the card I made to send off my cheque for Ovarian Cancer. I made 104 Christmas Cards.

Again, I quite liked it and my husband said it was alright but he does not like the magnolia stamps - they don't have noses!
Thanks for looking
eileen x

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Hi everyone.

Just thought I would give you an update on my niece. She ended up having to go back to hospital on Friday because she was in so much pain and they operated on her to remove the abcess. They said they had not seen a "pretty bad one" for some time but this was a "pretty bad one". Poor Lynda!

I thought I would just show you a photo of a cross stitch that I did as part of my Grandaughter's Christmas Present. Sorry it is not such a good photo.

I also did one for Lynda's little boy, Ethan, but I forgot to take a photo of it.

Hope you like it.

luv Eileen.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

First of all I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone who has stopped by to look at my blog, a very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year. The emphasis being on the healthy!!

As I mentioned at the beginning of December, my husband went in hospital on the 5th of December for an endoscopy and at the same time my niece went into hospital and had a baby boy, Austin.
Isn't he gorgeous?
Above is Lynda, John, Austin and brother Ethan.
The photos were taken by Lynda's friend, Shelly, who runs a business called Angelic Images and she took loads of brilliant photos in unusual poses.

After paying a few visits to the doctors during the last few weeks, my niece was admitted to hospital on Monday with "mastitis" (don't know if I have spelt that right or not) and with every joint in her body aching so much that she could hardly hold the baby - "a virus". It turns out that she has a breast abscess which has caused infection to spread throughout her body and she has had to have several anti-biotic drips followed by tablets. She came out of hospital on Wednesday and my husband went in to have an operation on his nose - he came out on the same day and is now recovering very well - probably because I look after him so well of course! Ha! Ha! Ha!

On Tuesday morning a terrible thing happened on the way back from Tesco. We were driving along the main road and the person in front hit a ginger cat. He slowed down then drove off! We got out and the cat bounced up in the air and seemed to bounce about in the road and then stopped. It kind of shook it's head and the blood went all over the pavement. It was writhing about and then stopped, stretched and died. It's mouth was full of blood but it looked like it had set in it's mouth. It was really horrible especially as I love all animals and hate to see any harm coming to them. David moved it to the side and a man over the road shouted and asked him if he was just going to leave it there. He must have thought we had knocked it down. A policeman was passing so I waved and he stopped and asked us if we had just run over the cat. I said that we hadn't but the road hog in front of us had and just drove off. He said he was not required by law to stop and agreed with my husband that we should leave it there until the next day so that the owner would find it if they were looking for it. I don't know that I would really want to find my cat if it looked like that - I would perhaps prefer to think it had wandered off somewhere. Anyway we checked the next day and it had gone. Poor Ginger! I said a little prayer for him.

Back to better things and we had a lovely Christmas and we went to my daughter's for Christmas Dinner. Below is a photo of my Grand-daughter Florence with her new sweeping brush. She was brilliant and I got some good videos of her.

Below are some photos of the Christmas Card I made for my husband. I spent over a day doing it, when I really didn't have time, and then he didn't really like it because he objected to one of the lines in the verse I had made up. Men, they can be so ungrateful can't they?

Well I hope you all like it and thanks for looking.
Happy New Year
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