Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hi to anyone taking a look at my blog - and welcome.
On Saturday we had a really good party at my niece's house with some very good attempts made on the Singstar - even me and Kath had a go and I have to say Kath did better than I did, which is not really surprising.
I like to sing along casually to songs that I am listening to, so one year my husband gave me a big surprise for my Christmas Present - singing lessons!!! I don't know who got the biggest surprise, me or the teacher. She was under the impression that I could sing and I told her I definitely could not, or as my mother used to say "I could sing before tunes came out". The teacher's words were that she was sure there was something she could do with me but she really did not know what!! I felt like a child at school - I never liked music lessons at school either. I have not been so embarassed for a long time. On leaving her house I immediately rang my husband and said that if he ever, ever bought me a present like that again there would definitely be a divorce. He then had to ring her up and say that I would not be going again, which she seemed rather surprised about. Well who needs to pay to go to someone's house and be insulted? Mind you he had paid up front and there was no offer of getting any money back.

The annoying thing is that my husband is rather good on the Singstar and gets marks of about 8000 whereas I get remarks like "bad" and "awful". However, this Saturday he had drunk quite a few cans of beer and did get rather carried away. My grand nephew, Ethan, who is 4 had been allowed to stay up till 10.00pm and he sent the message downstairs "Can you ask Uncle David to calm down, I can't get to sleep"
Anyway below is a photo of my children and my sister's children taken at the party on Saturday.
From left to right are my son Richard, my daughter Claire, Kath's daughter Jude (who had come over from Australia), Kath's daughter Lynda and my son Paul - who is the eldest of the tribe.
and on the one below are Claire's husband, Steve (with Florence), Claire, Richard, Paul's wife Colleen (who is Steve's sister), Paul and Jude.
and a good time was had by all!
eileen x

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