Thursday, 29 April 2010

Sketch Saturday Challenge

Good Evening everyone and thank you to anyone who has taken the time to stop by and take a peek at my blog.

On Tuesday afternoon I spent 4 hours at A. & E. with my husband. I told you that on Saturday he was playing rugby and one of the other team body slammed him into the ground and he hurt his back - we think he has cracked a rib or something.
We went to the hospital and had to wait ages to be seen, then they x-rayed his spine because the doctor was worried that he might have fractured a vertebrae. Anyway the doctor had thought of keeping him in, but of course David was insistant on going home, so they sent him home (I think partly because there wasn't a bed for him anyway) with some Tramadol and Diazapam.
He was very bad yesterday but has improved a bit today and he has to rest until at least Sunday.

Back to business now and here is my card for the Sketch Saturday Challenge.

The papers are from the Papermania Blueberry Hill range. The stamp is, of course, magnolia and I have used copics to colour the image.
Hope to be back again soon with another card for you.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Lili of the Valley Challenge

Hi Everyone.
It has been quite an eventful week this week!!
I told you earlier about Austin being injured by falling bricks - that was Thursday.
On Friday my sister's father-in-law was found behind the door by the milkman - he had fallen.
Today I was the first up in our house - quite unusual for me. I was rather pleased with myself and had got all sorts done by the time hubby got up. Then I realized there was something wrong with my tooth - a bit of it had chipped off. I think I had been clenching my teeth in my sleep.
I went up to have my shower and cleaned my teeth first and the whole filling came out leaving me with not much tooth left. Luckily my dentist was working today so had a mad dash up there and he has filled it again.

My husband has played rugby this afternoon and has hurt his back - don't know how bad it is yet because he is still getting some anaesthetic for it - up at the pub!!
Here is a card that I am really quite like - it is for the Lili of the Valley Challenge.
The roses are actually not yellow they are more the colour of the paper - I don't know why they look like that.
I love this cat, he is so cute.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thank you for looking

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Whiff of Joy Challenge

What a night I have had!!
I have had a lovely day today - I have spent all of it working in the garden and the weather has been just beautiful.
Tonight I thought I would put this card on for the Whiff of Joy Challenge.

I could not understand why all the photos in my Blog folder had lost the names of the photos, yet all my other folders were ok.
I have spent hours messing about with it and eventually I opened a new folder and moved the photos into that and it worked!! Technology - I love it but it drives me mad.

My daughter Claire, her husband Steve, and their daughter Florence are enjoying an extended holiday in Ibiza. They should have flown back last Saturday but it will hopefully now be this coming Saturday. I know Florence will be absolutely loving it.
I have just checked my emails and I cannot believe the photo of my grand nephew that my
sister, Kath, has sent me headed "Guess who's done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson". Austin is only about 15 months old, and he has one eye nearly shut and his face a mess (but he's still smiling) Apparently some bricks have fallen onto him from the top of the garage!!
I will get the full tale tomorrow.

Back to the card and here it is.

Hope you like it

Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Challenge Card at Last

Well at last I have managed to find time to make a card!!!

I haven't made one since the one that I did for Ethan's birthday and I had almost forgotten how to use my copics- can you believe that??

I have been so busy out in the garden and then doing some Wedding Invites that I just haven't had time for making cards.

Anyway I have made one which ties in with the sketch for Monday's Sketch and Stash Challenge and also Friday's Magnolia Challenge, which was "punch it out". Here is the card - I don't know if I have overdone the leaves and flowers a bit, or not.
Anyway I hope you like it and I really will try to make time to make some more - I am off to the dentist tomorrow so I probably won't feel like doing anything by the time I get back. It is funny but when I have had an injection and treatment at the dentist I always end up with migraine or a bad headache.

bye for now,

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Ethans Birthday

Hi everyone,
Well it is my sister's grandson's birthday tomorrow and he will be 5.
Here is the card that I have made for him.

He is a lovely little lad and totally different from his brother, Austin, who is 1. Ethan is more on the quiet side and Austin is a right cheeky little chappy.
My grandaughter, Florence, will be coming up tomorrow for Ethan's party so I am looking forward to seeing her, she is such a comic.
I will now explain about the suntan cream.
I usually use Ultrasun or P20, which are both once a day oils, but we were running out. I was in a Perfume shop in Los Cristianos and noticed that they sold Ultrasun but I talked to the assistants and they recommended the Aloe Vera Once a Day suntan cream. I bought some and used it the following day (Monday).

We walked to the beach and went in the sea and lazed about and then walked back (about 4 hours in total). When I got back I felt a bit sore and by the night time I was burnt like mad - all over. I think the worst was my chest and my stomach but was also very sore on my arms and legs.
It was so bad that I had to lie flat in bed, I could not turn onto my side because it hurt too much.
So then from Tuesday to Friday I had to keep covered up.
I took the bottle to the chemist in Tenerife and she said "Oh no you shouldn't use that. You should always use Factor 50 in the Canaries"
I also went back to a different branch of the Perfume shop and the lady there said that "You should apply it every 2 hours" Where on the box does it say that?? that is why I was interested to see what other people thought.
I was really upset about the whole thing and worried about the risk of skin cancer and damage to the skin on my chest. I will have to wait and see how it goes on.

Anyway, enough moaning.
I hope you like the card and I will do my best to get round to doing some more.
Hope you all have a lovely Easter.
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