Thursday, 1 April 2010

Ethans Birthday

Hi everyone,
Well it is my sister's grandson's birthday tomorrow and he will be 5.
Here is the card that I have made for him.

He is a lovely little lad and totally different from his brother, Austin, who is 1. Ethan is more on the quiet side and Austin is a right cheeky little chappy.
My grandaughter, Florence, will be coming up tomorrow for Ethan's party so I am looking forward to seeing her, she is such a comic.
I will now explain about the suntan cream.
I usually use Ultrasun or P20, which are both once a day oils, but we were running out. I was in a Perfume shop in Los Cristianos and noticed that they sold Ultrasun but I talked to the assistants and they recommended the Aloe Vera Once a Day suntan cream. I bought some and used it the following day (Monday).

We walked to the beach and went in the sea and lazed about and then walked back (about 4 hours in total). When I got back I felt a bit sore and by the night time I was burnt like mad - all over. I think the worst was my chest and my stomach but was also very sore on my arms and legs.
It was so bad that I had to lie flat in bed, I could not turn onto my side because it hurt too much.
So then from Tuesday to Friday I had to keep covered up.
I took the bottle to the chemist in Tenerife and she said "Oh no you shouldn't use that. You should always use Factor 50 in the Canaries"
I also went back to a different branch of the Perfume shop and the lady there said that "You should apply it every 2 hours" Where on the box does it say that?? that is why I was interested to see what other people thought.
I was really upset about the whole thing and worried about the risk of skin cancer and damage to the skin on my chest. I will have to wait and see how it goes on.

Anyway, enough moaning.
I hope you like the card and I will do my best to get round to doing some more.
Hope you all have a lovely Easter.


Sonia said...

Eileen sorry to hear about you bad experience with the sun cream, not nice at all. In this country they wouldn't get away with it. Hope it didn't spoil your holiday?
Your card is lovely, i bought this one at the NEC, so watch this space.
Hugs Sonia xx

Kathleen said...

I am sure that Ethan will love the card. But really worried as I did this really weird card the other day as it was really just a trial and he loved it, I really like that card Grandma and he added his own little stamps to it...

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