Saturday, 6 June 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy. That is what this last week has been like.
To start with last Saturday I went to a class run by Bev - it was at the Hobby House which is about an hour and a half away.

Then on Tuesday I went to see my gorgeous Grand-daughter, Miss Florence, at Retford. The traffic was awful and it is so infuriating when there are two lanes full of wagons and one wagon is trying to overtake the one in the inside lane who is only doing 1mph less than the one overtaking!! They are so annoying.
Anyway I had a lovely day and took these two photos of Florence eating her strawberries and cream which she said were "Nice"

Thursday I spent the morning at Rachels house with Maddy and Calvin and I also saw Calvin Mouse but not Rotty. I visited various craft places and on the way back I was almost wiped out by a wagon who decided he was just going to pull out in front of me and there was nowhere else for me to move to. I didn't get back till 3.30pm and had not eaten all day. I began feeling dizzy and very, very tired but I had an early night last night and I am feeling a bit better today.
Yesterday me and our Kath had an unexpected day out - at the Casualty department. I had been washing a mug up which must have had a crack in it and it just broke with my hand in it. It cut my little finger quite badly and had to ring our Kath to come and put some steri strips on for me. We decided to go to the chemist to see if he thought it needed stitches and he said to go on to the hospital. We got there about 11am and left about 2pm!!! They actually x-rayed it to see if there was any fragments in it and then 4 doctors took a quick look before a nurse applied steri strips to it and strapped it to the next finger. One good thing is that I haven't to get it wet so no washing up for me!! Unfortunately it is rather awkward for making cards so I have not got any made.
I am going for a walk now to meet up with my husband who is watching the local rugby sevens - we have a team entered in it so I will be back later.

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Rachel said...

Twas lovely to see you again on Thursday. Naughty girl for not eating! You should have stayed for lunch before jetting off .............. Rotty came out of hiding in the afternoon, sorry you missed him & Calvin's (the human) demo.

Ending up in Casualty is a bit drastic to get out of the washing up *giggle* & not good for the crafting :-( Hope you heal quickly.


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