Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Today's cards are not actually my own design.

The two below are similar to a card that I saw in gold and red at Craftwork Cards last Christmas. I made one like it last year for my mother in law and then couldn't decide whether I liked it or not so I didn't make any more. When I went up to her house she had it hung up with all the other cards and as I looked at it I thought it was actually about the best card that she had, so I decided that this year I would make some more.

I have made them in the Aqua Prima Flowers and the Lilac ones. I really like them but it is surprising just how much time they take to do.

The card below is another one that I saw at Craftwork cards this year - I don't know if it was designed by Julie Hickey or one of the design team at Craftwork Cards.

It is funny but they are both easy cards to do but seem to take ages to make
thank you for looking

1 comment:

juliejules said...

Hi Eileen, nice cards and nice to see you posting again, I have been checking every day!!! Jules xcx

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