Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Well it is almost a week since I updated my blog - I don't know where the time has gone!!

On Sunday my brilliant husband spoilt me and took me to the NEC at Birmingham for the Craft Show, which I really enjoyed but didn't actually spend very much.

Today I have been for a pedicure and an Indian Head Massage - which was very nice and relaxing.
Tomorrow I am meeting an old school friend who I haven't seen for a couple of years and on Friday both me and my husband are going to the dentist!!

I was feeling rather brave so I thought I would show you a flip book that I have made. I really enjoyed doing it, but beware - it is not very pleasant. I would not have let anyone see me like this 12 months ago but now that it is in the past it does not seem so important.

I bought this flip book from Crab Apple Crafts at Frodsham, which is owned by Rosemary Merry, who is well known and often appears on QVC.

It works a bit like a waterfall card in that you pull a tag and it all flips over.

This is the front of the book which I decorated using Making Memories papers
The photo above, like my profile one, was taken at Cape Verde last January.

This is the inside cover - the photo was taken at my Grandaughter's Christening in August this year. What a difference!! When I look back at photos from last year I feel that I am looking at someone else - it is really strange.

The photo above was taken 3 weeks after my operation in St. James's, Leeds and the beautiful flowers were from a couple that I have only really met about 3 times - I thought that was so lovely of them.

The above photo on the left was taken when my Grandaughter, Florence, was born in August last year - just a week after my first chemo session - still have my own hair. The one on the right was taken after my second session when it had started falling out.
The two above were after my 2nd and 3rd session and the one below left after my 5th session. The one on the right was when I had my head totally shaved.
The photo above left is when my hair had started to grow back (it was taken in my craft room) and on the right I have a nice covering.
The photo above right was taken in Tenerife in May this year.
The idea is to give you some idea of the flip book and what you can do with it so don't pay too much attention to the photos!
Thank you for looking.

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juliejules said...

Eileen, what a lovely book, I think you are a star for putting this on your blog, very brave of you!! You are a lovely lady and look just as lovely now as you did on Cape Verde. What a lovely hubby for taking you to NEC, wish I had of hitched a lift down!! Jules xx

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