Tuesday, 3 March 2009

March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

I picked my local newspaper up this tea time and there staring at me was an article on Ovarian Cancer entitled "Bringing the "Silent killer" into the open." I thought "do I want to read this or not" I decided not - but I did just have a little glance at it!!

March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, which I am quite pleased about because there is very little talk about Ovarian Cancer. Everyone talks about breast cancer and everyone knows that a pink ribbon is to do with breast cancer but I bet few people know what colour the ovarian cancer ribbon is. Well I do actually have one and it is a turquoise colour.

Jade Goody has made everyone aware of Cervical cancer and all us women know to examine our breasts for lumps (even though all the men think they can do it better) but I don't know if many people know what to look for with Ovarian Cancer - I certainly didn't. It came as a big shock to me when I discovered that having trouble with my waterworks was caused by the fact that I had a massive cyst pressing on my bladder and the cyst contained the "C" word.

I had been told a year or so before that I had irritable bowel but I now know that Ovarian Cancer can mimic the signs of irritable bowel. I don't know if that was the case with me or not because I have had various opinions given on that. I had also noticed that my stomach was getting bigger (nothing new!) but my husband insisted it hadn't - sweetie! If you want to know the signs and symptoms please check out the website.
thank you

eileen x

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