Saturday, 16 May 2009

Whiff of Joy Challenge

Hello everyone - at this very moment we are having a bit of sunshine but I don't suppose it will be for long.
Last night everyone had gone out so I thought 'Shall I tidy my craft room or go for a walk?' I decided I would go for a 40 minute walk before Coronation Street. I set off and had a lovely walk on the back road - I saw a crow with something big in it's mouth but it looked like a bag or something. I saw, and stroked, a cat, I saw some robins and best of all I saw a bunny. It brought back memories of when I used to walk our Bess in the field round the back and there used to be lots of bunnies and I loved to stand and watch them.
It takes about 15 minutes to get to the end of the road and by that time it had just started spitting. I headed back home on the main road and now it was thundering and bouncing down. By the time I got home at just 7.30pm I was soaked even to my t.shirt underneath my coat and my trousers were wet through.

Perhaps I should have just tidied the craft room.

I am not having much luck this week. I decided to make a card for the Whiff of Joy challenge and I had this fabulous paper but, despite having almost every collection of markers you could have, I could not find the exact colour for the blue. I had tried it on different Whiff of Joy stamps and in the end I tried it on a Magnolia image and decided that it would be ok. So I made the card and was very happy with it but time was getting on so I thought I would photograph it the next day.
When I came to photograph it I thought 'Oh no not again!' I had used a Magnolia image for the Whiff of Joy Challenge. How stupid!
Anyway this is the card I made
and here is the Whiff of Joy Challenge Card.

I have taken this one further away so that Sonia can see that I have actually managed to get hold of a stand - I do not think it is as big as yours Sonia but I couldn't get one from the shop you suggested but I managed to find this one at my local art shop. Thank you Sonia for the idea.
Hope you like the cards.


Diane.W. said...

Hi Eileen!!! I was driving home from the Gym last night in that weather,my wipers couldn't clear my windows quick enough!!!
Your cards are beautiful :o)x

ps.hope you are feling better.

BA said...

two absolutely lovely cards
xoxo BA

Dawny P said...

These are both gorgeous Eileen. The weather has been rotten hasn't it. Hope you are ok though xxxxx

Rach said...

A fabulous card, thank you for joining us at whiff of joy.xx

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