Thursday, 23 July 2009

I just thought I would show you my lovely white flowers from the front garden. They have been really nice this year and have looked so white and clean. Unfortunately they are now starting to die off.

Tuesday was my daughter Claire's birthday so I went down to see her and we all went shopping. Unfortunately Florence had a bit of a cough and wasn't just up to the mark so she wasn't all over Grandma like she usually is.

Today Claire rang to say that whilst they were away last night poor Florence had fallen and cut her forehead. They took her to hospital and she had it steri stripped but today she had to see the Plastic Surgeon who has stitched it under anaesthetic. Poor Baby!!
Here is the Birthday Card that I made for Claire - sorry Julie I have pinched your idea!!!
It is a Trifold one - above is the front and below is the inside
thank you for looking

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