Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Well here is the photo of Susie - our dog for the day.
I think she is really cute. As you can see she has one ear that stands up and one that doesnt.
I have decided that she is definitely a man's dog. I took her out for a walk yesterday morning and had to drag her the whole way. Me and David took her out at night and she walked fine for him. As soon as he came home from work she fetched her ball and wanted to play.
Mind you, she didn't do anything for his macho image. We were walking along when 3 dogs were coming the other way and when I turned round to look at her David was carrying her!!! Better not tell the rugby lads!
She is a really lovely dog and was so good in the car but not so good at night.
It was a very long day!!

The Christening on Sunday went very well and we all had a lovely meal afterwards. The 4 children there were very well behaved. Austin (who was being Christened) slept through part of the service - till it was time to have the water poured on him. My little Florence was so cute and looked gorgeous in her little dress.

Here is the photo of the card I made. This is the front (I am sure you have noticed that)

and here is my poem on the back page.

hope you like it.

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Rachel said...

That is lovely Eileen & I'm sure will be treasured :-)


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