Friday, 21 August 2009

Happy Birthday to You - Richard, Jude & John

Ooh I have just got wet through fetching my washing in!
I went for a walk this morning and thought what a gorgeous day it was - sunny, blue skies, warm but with a nice breeze, then in the middle of watching last night's Coronation Street the heavens opened and I had to dash out to rescue my washing.
Today is Richard, Jude and John's birthday, so happy birthday to all of them. Our Richard will be at the "V" festival now so I hope it is not pouring down there.
Here is the card I made for his birthday.
Unfortunately I made a mistake - can you believe that I got the "N" upside down? So I had to do another "N" which I had to do in the blue instead of the red colour. Anyway he was pleased with the card and the poem that I made up.
back soon with a challenge card.

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