Friday, 14 August 2009

My Birthday

I had never thought about it until our Kath mentioned it yesterday, but I haven't shown you the hand made cards I received for my birthday. Unlike Julie Hickey, who received loads, I only received 4 hand made ones.
The first one is from my husband's ex-wife (who copies everything I do. I know it is supposed to be a form of flattery but it is very annoying!!)

The second one is from my daughter Claire.

The third one is from my sister Kath - the ribbon is attached to a little tag that pulls out.
and I am sorry but I have saved the best till last - and that is from my Grand-daughter Florence who will be 2 later this month.
Here is her card
and here is a photo of her looking very pleased with herself when she had made it.

A couple of weeks ago Claire, Steve & Florence had been on holiday and Florence fell and banged her head - hence the stitches you can see on the photo.
She is such a cutie.
Thank you for looking and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

My daughter Claire



Happy belated birthday Eileen, your cards are beautiful, hope you had a lovely day. M xxx

Lynda said...

Beautiful birthday cards you received and Florence looks absolutely adorable.
Lynda xxx

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