Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Create4Fun Challenge

Hi Everyone,
I am not having much luck with the weather so far this year.
Once a month I go for a pedicure and that is where I have been today. Of course it had to start snowing didn't it and how daft did I look coming out of the beauty salon and walking to the car in my sandals!!!! It always seems to be the same when I go - it is either snowing or raining.

Anyway I have actually managed to make 2 cards so far this week and it is only Wednesday.
Here is my first card which is for the Create4Fun Challenge

I love the stamp, which I have had for a while now but have never gone off it. It is from Funky Kits.
I was really pleased with the card and when I showed it my husband he just looked at it and said "Oh you've done one like that before haven't you?" I said I hadn't but I had used the stamp before. Nothing like making you feel deflated is there?
You will have to wait till tomorrow for my 2nd card.


Rachel said...

That is such a cute stamp Eileen :-) Lovely card - love the colours that you've used :-)

Fabiola said...

adorable tampon et joli choix de couleurs bravo

Bernadet said...

congratulations with your winning card!!

Anne-Marije said...

Congratulations! Your card is very sweet. Love the image.
xxx Anne-Marije

Wilma said...

Congrats with your winning card! It is indeed very lovely!

Fabiola said...

félicitation pour ta victoire méritée biz

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