Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lili of the Valley Challenge

Well at last I have actually got round to making a card and it fits in with the Lili of the Valley Challenge. I have made it for my husband's Grandson's birthday on Friday. Here is the card

it doesn't seem such a good photo really - I don't know why.
And here is a gift card I made to match it - just a pity I haven't bought him a gift!!! Only joking.
It actually looks much bigger than it is - I used the smallest die cut for it.

I really cannot believe what a numptie I am. I have made a few cards for birthdays in August and for a wedding last Saturday and I have either forgotten to take a photo of them or I have taken a photo and deleted it off my camera before I have put it on the computer. I can't believe how stupid I am!!

I have now got my computer back - it had to have a new hard drive. I am very pleased that they have managed to save all my files and folders but I am so very disappointed that I have not only lost all my email addresses but I have also lost all my "Favourites" from the Internet. That means that I have lost everyone's blogs and all the tutorials that I had stored links to. Oh woe is me!!!
I will be back tomorrow to show you the card I did for my son's birthday. I can take a photo of that because I have saved it!!.


Claire x said...

Gorgeous card hun - love LOTV. I can sympathise with you on the PC front, I lost all my emails and contacts too, but luckily everything else including my faves were saved. We now have an external hard drive which everything is stored to, so if it happens again, I will lose nothing - definitely worth the investment Eileen. Hugs, Claire x

Sonia said...

Welcome back Eileen. I love your cards, just can't beat LOTV for a nice quick card.
Hugs Sonia xx

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