Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Colour Create Challenge

Well I watched the weather last night and they said it was going to be an beautiful day today - and they were right!! But what they didn't say that it was going to be freezing and I would have to scrape the ice off my car this morning.
Still I will be sat in the dining room this afternoon doing my husband's books and it will be really warm because the sun will be shining in there.
Now the more I look at Tilda the more I wonder if I have got it wrong. I have coloured it like she has a wing (the glittery bit) but nowadays they don't usually have wings - which I am glad about because I did not like that bit. But that is what it looked like on the stamp and I am wondering if it was all part of her hair - if you follow me!!
I know that I am last minute again but the card is for The Colour Create Challenge which will end tomorrow and the Challenge is PINK, GREEN AND CREAM - which I have used on this card.

I can't say that I am over keen on the card really, I don't know why.
Have to dash now - I am going to have my lunch and I am starving.


Claire x said...

I think its a lovely card Eileen and having looked at the stamp, I think it actually is a wing, but I'm not sure why there should be one, maybe next time you could blend it in to look like hair and see what it looks like? Hugs, Claire x

jojoscraps said...

I think I would have assumed it was a wing as well. Sweet card and don't you love this colour compo?
Joe-Anne xx


No need to be disappointed with this card at all Eileen - it's beautiful. Love your colour choice and embellishments (those flowers are delish)! As for the "wing thing", it looks absolutely perfect, so it must be a wing! (I'm sure if it was meant to be hair, there would have been some curved lines there, like the rest of Tilda's hair).
Hugs, Sylvia xxx

Lynda said...

It is a lovely card Eileen but I can't help you with the wing thing lol

Love Lynda xxx

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