Monday, 6 December 2010


Just a quick post because a few people have mentioned to me how disappointed they are when they enter a challenge and nobody from the challenge leaves a comment on their blog.
Does anyone else feel the same?
I have to say that I have found the same with a few of the Challenges I have entered as well.
Other bloggers have said to me that they think if the people running the Challenges haven't the time to look at the cards entered in the Challenges then perhaps they shouldn't be running them.
Do you agree or disagree?
It is a little bit dishearting when you go to the trouble of making a card and no-one comments on it, don't you think?
So come on all you people running the Challenges - have your say as well.


Sonia said...

Eileen I have to say I agree with you on this one, that's why I don't bother entering them any more.
Hugs Sonia xx

Anonymous said...

I fully agree!! That's why I'm only doing one GDT spot monthly, because I want to be able to comment on at everything! It's pretty depressing when you don't get any comments! x

Diane.W. said...

I agree Eileen,I gave up all my DT positions as it wasn't fair,not having the time to comment when people had taken the time to enter challenges.
It's v off putting & makes you wonder why you bother,a lot of the reasons I hardly blog anymore. :o)x

Claire x said...

And its even more noticeable at this time of year. On our DT at SS&S we have a rota, so this ensures that everyone is given a comment. It is time consuming and some DTs have to comment on all the entries. But it would be nice if they could try. Hugs, Claire x

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