Monday, 4 April 2011

Back Again

Just a quick post to let you know that we are now back from our holidays and we have had a really lovely time - despite the start to it.

First of all the airport taxi man turned up at 6am to pick us up - unfortunately he was a day early!!!

By the time we had checked in at the airport it did not leave us much time to look round the airport and for me that is part of the holiday.

We had some breakfast and I left my husband having another cuppa whilst I went to buy some pop etc for the plane. Next minute I hear a call over the tannoy - Final call for passengers Beaumont (and 2 other people). I was in a right panic!!

My husband is the most elusive person ever and of course I could not find him anywhere so I ended up making my way to the gate which of course was at the opposite end of the airport. I had to run because they gave out another final call but when I got there David was not there so they had to put out another call for him

I was so embarrassed!!

Then when we arrived at the complex in Tenerife they said that we had not paid our maintenance for the timeshare so we could not check in. I had to go down to the office and eventually she found that I was right (aren't I always???) and it had been paid in February.

Apart from all that we had a lovely time and once I get myself sorted out with the washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning perhaps I might get chance to play with some of the things I bought at Harrogate.

Hope I haven't bored you all to death.


juliejules said...

Oh gosh Eileen, that must have been stressful!!!! JUles x

Lynda said...

What a nightmare start to your hol - glad you got it all sorted and managed to enjoy it!

Love Lynda xxx

Rachelxx said...

Glad things improved after the bad start. I like time to browse at airports too :-)

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