Friday, 15 April 2011

New Pets??

I am so excited tonight that I just had to share these photos with you.

I was crafting in my room tonight when I heard a loud bang and thought that some kids had thrown something at the window.

I looked out but could not see anything so I went outside - and there on the floor was and OWL - which actually looked dead.

My husband came out and picked it up and it was still breathing so he brought it inside and warmed it in his hot hands until it suddenly moved and opened it's eyes.

He put it outside and after about 15 minutes it was still just sat there so I went in the loft to get a box to put it in overnight and when I came back down it had just flown off.

I am so glad that it could still fly but disappointed to have missed seeing it.

It was gorgeous.

The other two photos are taken where my husband has his lock-up.

This Heron is a frequent visitor.

Isn't it lovely

Last Saturday we were driving home from a Reunion when something ran across the road straight in front of us. It looked like a big dog but when it got to the other side I saw that it was a DEER.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend


Claire x said...

OMG what amazing pictures Eileen - owls are absolutely lovely and am so pleased he was OK. Hugs, Claire x

Lynda said...

What an amazing week! So glad the owl was ok.

Lynda xxx

Pami said...

How wonderful, so glad he was ok. Pami x

Sonia said...

What an amazing experience, so glad the owl was OK they are such beautiful birds, its been a little like country files the last couple for you hasn't it?
Have a lovely weekend.
Hugs Sonia xx

Sue said...

Hi Eileen, Thanks for becoming a follower! and thanks for sharing these lovely photos. I love owls! and that one was a real cutey! I"m glad after the rest he was okay. It looks like a Tawny Owl. I love the photos of the Heron also. There is one that flies over our house on it's way to the meadows, they have really long legs!!!

Hugs Sue xx

Jacee said...

Hi Eileen, what a beautiful bird, it must have stunned it a bit when it hit the window, bet the poor little fella had a headache!! good news that it flew away though, I'm sure it will be OK.
We have three ducks that regulary visit us, they sit on top of the shed telling us a right tale! LOL
Take care, Hugs Jacee

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