Thursday, 2 October 2008

Well it is over a week since I last posted on my blog - I have been so busy.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday my son Paul came up from Newark and my son Richard was off work for a few days. Saturday was rugby and on Tuesday my daughter and grandaughter came from Retford.

My grandaughter, Florence, has started nursery 3 days a week (whilst Claire has gone back to work) and she has really changed. She used to cry everytime she saw me but on Tuesday she wanted me to pick her up and wanted to sit on my knee, she was lovely.

Wednesday we went to Newark because my husband was doing a job at Paul's house.
In between all this I have been embroidering some of the rugby shirts and I have also embroidered t.shirts and sweatshirts with my husbands logo on. That is why I have not had time for making cards.

Today I have actually found time to make a card for my son and daughter's mother in law, Cathy, - my son and daughter are married to brother and sister therefore both have the same mother in law.
It is 4 years since her husband died so I made a card for her.

Here is another similar one that I made a few months ago and really liked it.

Thank you for looking


All Pink girl said...

Wow these 2 cards are so gorgeous ,fabulous work ,Dawnxxx
hope you are ok xxx

Carolyn King said... them and I am sure that card will be a much needed lift. How sweet of you and how neat that your children are married to siblings!

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