Friday, 20 February 2009

Hi to anyone who calls by to take a look at my blog.

I am sorry to say that I have not done any blogging or cardmaking for a week. As I said last week, my husband went into hospital for a hernia operation on Monday and when I picked him up I was given all sorts of instructions, like he hadn't to drive for a week, lift anything for two weeks, play rugby for two weeks etc. But being the idiot that he is he decided he would go get up at 6.15am to go into work the very next day - just to supervise the jobs!! This led to a massive row so when the hospital rang the next day to see how he was I told them he was at work. After answering quite a few questions from the nurse she said that she would have to document it and if anything went wrong Mr. Gupta would not be at all happy. I told them that David said he had met me half way by not driving and getting one of his workers to pick him up instead.

I was in such a bad mood that I decided I would tackle clearing the loft out. Two days later and about 14 trips to the tip, the loft is looking much better. I now just need my son to come and take all his lego and old beano comics down to his house.

I have been so busy this week, firstly doing the loft Tuesday and Wednesday and then on Thursday I did the back garden and this afternoon I did the front garden. So I was absolutely fuming this tea time to find that in the 45 minutes that we had been out of the house some nice person had thrown a milk bottle at our greenhouse and broke one of the panes of glass (and the milk bottle) which had gone all in the border that I only hoed and weeded yesterday. I would love to catch them - with a baseball bat in my hand!!

Anyway tomorrow I am hoping to have the afternoon to myself to actually do some cards. The only thing is that when you haven't made any for a week or so you seem to lose your mojo don't you?


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