Thursday, 12 February 2009

Well I am back to blogging at last!!

"Our Kath" (my sister) called up yesterday and reminded me that I hadn't been blogging for a while, I was actually well aware of that fact but I just haven't had the time to do any blogging.

The reason is that I have been so obsessed with my computer for the last week or more.
For some reason, a few weeks ago, I suddenly started having problems with one thing after another - nearly every time I turned the computer on there was something else strange about it and it has really been doing my head in.

I seem to have been constantly ringing helplines and really all I get told is to take it back to factory settings and then reload everything again - so that is what I have done. It has been very stressful but I think I might have got it sorted now (fingers crossed)
Also last week both me and my husband had appointments at the hospital and I have had another one this week. Then the hospital rang my husband today to say that they have had a cancellation and does he want to go in on Monday for his hernia operation! So that means that I might be having him under my feet for a week or two, in which case I probably won't get much blogging or card making done (or anything else for that matter). I will be going mad!!!

Anyway I have managed to get a few cards done for Mother's Day and here they are.

I really like this rabbit stamp - it is from the Simon & Lola range of Sugar Nellie stamps available from Funky Kits

This is a stamp that I have used before, again from Funky Kits

and this of course is one of my favourite Magnolia Stamps, which I usually buy from Sir Stampalot.
Thank you for looking and I will try and get back with some more cards soon.

1 comment:

juliejules said...

Hi Eileen, great card, love them all. Hope your hubby gets on OK and hope you are well too! And I also hope to see you soon!! Jules xxx

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