Monday, 6 April 2009

Friday Sketchers

What a hectic, but enjoyable weekend it has been.
First of all on Saturday I dashed up to watch my husband play rugby believing the kick off time to be 2.30pm as usual. Arrived bang on 2.30pm only to find that they had kicked off at 2pm but noboday had bothered to let me know. I had just got arrived and noticed David looking at his leg and then he came limping off. Someone had kicked him on the shin with their stud and blood was literally pumping out of his leg - his sock was just full of blood. That was it, the physio didn't want him to go back on. So that was a waste of time going up there. He didn't want to come home with me and he didn't want to go to the hospital so I came home once it had stopped bleeding.
My gorgeous grand-daughter arrived and was wanting me to go everywhere with her - which was fantastic because at one time she always used to cry at me. Here is a photo of us both although it is not a very good one.
The rest of the weekend was as I had said in my post on Saturday.

Today I have been for a nice long walk and then done a bit of gardening.
I have also made a card for the Friday Sketchers challenge and here it is.
You might have noticed that I really like this stamp and also the paper I have used which is from Stampin Up.


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So good to finally see Florence she really is such a cutie, I love this picture of you two. Hope hubby's leg is better. Hugs M xxx

juliejules said...

Aww you two look lovely Eileen! I love that card and the papers too (wonder why?). That cotton trim which you have wrapped round is fantastic, have seen this used alot on cards and admired it! Jules

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