Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Mojo Monday Challenge

PLEASE DO NOT LOOK TOO CLOSELY AT THIS CARD - and I don't want any tittering!!!
It is the first time that I have had a go at sewing round the edges of cards and I am a bit rusty on the machine - the last time I used it was for embroidering the rugby shirts. I have made a few mistakes but didn't want to waste the card so thought I would submit it anyway.

I will get some practice in on the machine - promise!


Sonia said...

Well i think your stitching is fab, can't see anything wrong with this card its great.
Sonia x

Lisa said...

great job on the card and great stitching. That is something I have yet to try but I love how it looks on cards

Christina said...

Now see there is nothing worng with the stitching. the card looks great. I love those gorjuss stamps they are perfect for teens. Great color combo too.

scrappyyankee said...

Gorgeous card and I don't see anyhting wrong with your stitching. I think it looks great.


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