Friday, 13 November 2009


Sorry for not blogging much this week but on Wednesday I woke up with a bit of toothache which gradually got worse. Went to the dentist Thursday but my dentist, Steve, wasn't there so had to see someone else who said she could take the tooth out there and then.
I thought "No Way" I will wait until I can see Steve on Friday and see what he suggests.

I do not trust dentists after having had to take one to court for totally ruining my teeth - a long story but I had gone every 6 months for routine inspections since being a child. When he decided to go private I went to Steve who sent me to see a consultant at the hospital who said there was a lot of work to do. I had a half hour appointment every week for a year and lost two teeth.

I was up all last night in terrible pain so saw Steve first thing this morning and I have now lost my third tooth! Well it is Friday the 13th isn't it?

It is also my mum's birthday today - she would have been 88.
back soon - have a lovely weekend.

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