Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Well they say that things go in threes - let's hope that is it!!

Last Tuesday Our Kath's husband had a stroke and was in hospital from Friday till Monday.
I had toothache from Wednesday till about Sunday - even though I had the tooth removed on Friday!!
Today my daughter drove up from Retford and got within a few hundred yards of our house when she had a bump. Like my sister said, What has happened to that little law about people having right of way in certain conditions? There were parked cards near the shops and my daughter was coming past them the opposite way but a pick up decided to barge his way through anyway and as he did so someone in a parked car opened his door. The driver swerved and his back end pulled out and damaged all down one side of my daughters car - which happened to be the side where her 2 year old daughter was sat. Fortunately no-one was injured.
She then spent the rest of the day on the phone with the insurance people, which is another thing that is really annoying. I am not at all racist, but why is it that when you ring a helpline or ring about an insurance claim or any other problem that you may have, you always get put through to someone in India who cannot understand you and you cannot understand them! What is the point in having "helplines" who cannot help because they haven't a clue what your or them are on about!! Is this what they call progress?

Anyway I am hoping that this week is going to pick up and I will have some time to do some cards.

back soon,

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