Thursday, 25 February 2010

Create4Fun Challenge

What a horrid day today.
I didn't get much sleep last night because my husband snores so loud that I am sure you can all hear him!!

I went for a walk this morning and it started raining. I was going to go out but then I couldn't be bothered.
Anyway I have been creative and made a card for the Create4Fun Challenge, which was a sketch.

I was rather pleased with the card till I realized that I had ommited to put a strip at the bottom, so I had to stick some ribbon on - but then I wasn't sure just where to put the bow. Anyway it doesn't look too bad does it?

Me and our Kath are off over to Julies Stampin Up open day tomorrow, so I am really looking forward to that. See you soon, Julie.
that's all for today,
back soon.


Sonia said...

Eileen sorry to hear you didn't sleep to well. Love your cards they are all beautiful. I'm sure you will have a fab day with Jules tomorrow, wished i lived nearer so i could come :( Say Hi to Jules for me.Look forward to seeing what you make.
Hugs Sonia xxx

Sharon said...

Hi Eileen
Nice to meet you this morning at Jules's. It's always nice to meet fellow crafters & swap ideas etc. I have added to your followers so I can keep popping in. Come & visit me at my blog when you've got a mo.
Sharon x
Off to have a nosey round your blog now lol!!
P.S Looks like we have something else in common . . . . . husbands that SNORE!!!!!!xx

Sharon said...

Have had a good look around lol!! your cards are lovely Eileen.
Just noticed your Calvin blinkie, you weren't at Maddie's fimo workshop were you, maybe that's where we've met before. Just a thought.
Sharon x

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