Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Julies Open House

Hi Everyone,
At last I have managed to find time to surf the internet.

Last Friday me and "our Kath" went over to Julies and had a lovely time.
We met Sharon, who looked very familiar but I don't know where I know her from.
Thanks Sharon for visiting my blog - I have had a quick shufty at yours but will have a proper look later this week.
I went back to our Kath's afterwards and stayed there as long as I could because my husband had said he was coming home to do some plastering. When I finally went home he had been doing preparation and had only just started mixing his first lot of plaster (at 3.30pm) so then I had to start and clean the bucket and mix more plaster and clean the bucket and mix more plaster etc. etc. I was really not in the mood for it after having a nice time at Julies.

Anyway this is the card that we made at Julies and I really love these Bella Bleu papers (don't know if I have spelt it correctly)

I don't think the photo does it justice but I have only just taken the photo tonight. Back again in a few minutes with another card.

luv eileen x

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