Friday, 7 May 2010

Friday Sketchers

I don't know if I am too late for this challenge or if it is a fortnightly one.
I have had a very busy day doing all my cleaning and gardening ready for going away on Monday. Luckily the weather held out and I managed to get my washing dry.

Here is my card for the Friday Sketchers Challenge.

The stamp is another one from Lili of the Valley - little teddy is so cute isn't he?
I remember a tale about a little teddy and I wonder if Our Kath remembers it too!!
My teddy had got so tatty and kept coming apart at the seams so my mum said she would buy me a new one and have that one "put to sleep". I agreed to it and got a lovely new teddy but then woke up one morning and wanted my old teddy back. Me and Kath put our clothes on over our jim jams and ran on to my grandad's house. I was in tears and Grandad said "what on earth is the matter?" I told him I wanted my teddy back and he said to my mum "give the child her teddy back". She couldn't because she had burnt it.
Here comes the funny part - I was about 11 at the time!!!
Mind you that isn't as bad as the time when I wanted my teddy christening and my mum even asked the vicar if I could have it christened. It still sends me into hysterics when I think about it.
Have to go now - Coronation Street is on.
Back soon

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

Well no matter how lovely the card is all I can say is "Oh yes, I remeber it well".

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