Monday, 24 January 2011

Back at Last!!

Well can you believe that it is over a month now since I did any blogging - or making cards for that matter??

You might think that I have been having a long rest but in actual fact I have been doing other things - like patchwork quilting and also knitting.
I made a lovely little aran jacket with a hood for my little Florence and I have almost finished a cardigan for my little Meriel (my grandchildren).

Yesterday was my sister's birthday so I had to find time to make a card and this is what I came up with.

The reason I did the card in pink and blue was because when we were little Kath was always dressed in pink and I was always dressed in blue - because my parents had always thought I was going to be a boy!
If I had been a boy I would have been called Raymond Arthur!!!
No comment because there might actually be someone out there called Raymond Arthur and I would not want to offend them.
The words, of course, are from the song (my dad used to sing it often and he also used to sing "Two little girls in blue".
InsideI have wrote another bit of the song which goes
"Caring, sharing, every little thing that we are wearing" and then I put "Yes I remember having to have your hand me downs and you borrowing my clothes without asking!" Which is quite true but I won't go into that! I don't know if Kath liked that bit or not.
The stamp just fitted really well and I used the sketch from the Just Magnolia challenge so I am entering the card in that challenge.
I really like these step cards and below is another one which I made for Florence at Christmas.

I am now hoping to find time to visit other blogs as I just haven't been doing any of that either since Christmas.
I hope some of my followers will find time to take a look at my card and not think that I have deserted them.


Jacee said...

Hiya Eileen, how lovely to see you posting again, I had wondered about you, glad you had just been doing other things and not been poorly. Your cards are lovely, so pleased you have showed them to us.
Hugs Jacee

Claire x said...

Great to see you back hun, wondered where you had gone! Great couple of cards, you should also share your other makes too, would love to see your quilt. Hugs, Claire x

how to edit photos on a mac said...

Well, this is so beautiful and adorable image and fabulous colours. Awesome idea to make new card and any occasions card very easily create from your shared idea.

raspberry ketone said...

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