Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A stitch in Time.....

Good afternoon - at least the afternoon is going ok so far but I have had a big disappointment this morning............I received a parking fine.

In all my years of driving it is the first one I have ever had!

I have been for my pedicure this morning and parked in the usual car park and paid 60p for 2 hours parking (as usual) and when I got back to the car I had received one of those penalty thingies. I couldn't believe it because I was within my time limit.

I did notice, however, that the time on my ticket didn't seem to be just right so I checked on the charges board and the price had increased to 40p per hour so I had actually only paid for one hours parking instead of 2. I just did not think to look at the charges because I have been parking there for ages and didn't know they had gone up.

What a bummer!!!!

This weeks Magnolia Challenge is stitching so I have actually got my machine out and done a bit of stitching - nothing fancy!

So here is the card.

I have tried a different editing program for my photo today but it still looks a bit blur-y.

Has anyone any suggestions please??

Must going and tackle my pile of ironing now but will be back tomorrow with another card for you.

Thank you for looking.


Claire x said...

Well hun I think I would have to defend the ticket with that reason - you just never know they may have some forgiveness in them, always worth a shot. Gorgeous card, lovely image and great colour combo. Hugs, Claire x

Kathleen said...

Well I know the car park you mean, it is the only time I received a parking ticket as well and that was because of the stupid dentist being so behind and taking so long with his coffee break then trying to get me into the private health scheme. I sent him my cheque for the treatment and said if he had any sense of decency he wouldn't cash it but he did.
Oh by the way the card is great.

Kath x

Lynda said...

Fab card but shame about the ticket - wasn't there any sign up to notify of the increase in price? I'd write to them if not and you never know they might let this one go!

Love Lynda xxx

Jacee said...

Bad luck on the fine Eileen, it's just one of those things, annoying though, The card is lovely, really like the colours, very pretty indeed.
Hugs Jacee

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